Alabama Partners for Clean Air!

Alabama Partners for Clean Air (APCA) is an affiliation of public, private and nonprofit organizations working to implement voluntary strategies that improve air quality in the Birmingham metro area including Jefferson and Shelby counties. APCA's goals are to achieve and maintain compliance with national air quality standards, to protect and improve public health, to minimize the economic impacts on existing businesses and support economic growth consistent with clean air goals.

APCA Partners

  • The Waste Reduction and Transfer Technology Foundation (WRATT). Our mission is to promote sustainable economic development, a cleaner environment, and a better quality of life for all citizens by providing waste reduction, pollution prevention, and technology transfer assistance and education to Alabama businesses, industries, communities, and governmental entities. ›

  • Alabama Department of Environmental Management (AEMC). Responsibly adopt and fairly enforce rules and regulations consistent with the statutory authority granted to the AEMC and the Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) to protect and improve the quality of Alabama's environment and the health of all its citizens. Monitor environmental conditions in Alabama and recommend changes in state law or revise regulations as needed to respond appropriately to changing environmental conditions. ›

  • Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition. Alabama Clean Fuels Coalition serves as the principal coordinating point for clean, alternative fuel vehicle activities in Alabama. ›

  • CommuteSmart. CommuteSmart offers free online ridematching, carpool and vanpool services, the Emergency Ride Home program and more. We can help you get on the road to a better commute. For employers, CommuteSmart works hand in hand with companies and organizations to develop tailored commute options programs that benefit them and their employees. ›

  • Jefferson County Department of Health. We are proud to provide you with the most up-to-date health information specific to our county. We also have provided links to other websites of leading authorities on specific topics for additional information. ›

  • Policy Exchange Foundation. The Policy Exchange Foundation is dedicated to air quality and has worked with the Alabama Partners for Clean Air for six years, and has educated employees on air quality in over four hundred businesses and universities. ›

Last News

Aug 2014

Birmingham area faces second day of air quality alert Thursday |
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama-- The air might be a little harder to breathe Thursday in Jefferson and Shelby counties. The Alabama Department of Environmental Management has issued a "code orange" air quality alert for the Birmingham area Thursday, meaning ground-level ozone is... MORE

Feb 2014

Alabama progress report and Birmingham roundtable highlight green initiatives
BIRMINGHAM, Alabama - Birmingham and the rest of the state are making great strides when it comes to environmental stewardship, a new report details, but Birmingham Mayor William Bell said more can be done and he wants a new commission... MORE

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What We Monitor

Ground-level Ozone

Ground-level ozone is formed when nitrogen oxides (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) react in the presence of heat and sunlight. While ground-level ozone is a health and environmental problem, ozone in the stratosphere (six to 30 miles above the earth) is beneficial. It shields the Earth from the sun's harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Particle Pollution

Particle pollution, or particulate matter (PM2.5), comes from some of the same sources as NOx and VOCs, including power plants and factories, motor vehicles (especially older diesel vehicles) and others. Particle pollution is also created by wood burning, construction activity and agriculture. Unlike ground-level ozone, particle pollution occurs year-round.

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